On Privacy, Terms of Use, and Site Rules

Subject to change at any time; review regularly.

On Privacy

For Substack policies, see their footer information available on most pages.

I will keep this brief and simple: I have no intention of collecting any personal information from the general readership. I have been burned too many times by others who sell data. I won’t do that. Period.

Personal email correspondence is just that and shall remain so.

Participants who post comments or participate in chats are subject to Substack’s rules. I may need to have your email address in the event of a moderation issue, as discussed in the next section.

Terms of Use

For Substack’s policies, see their footer information available on most pages.

All content I write is subject to revision at any time. Announcements and updates will be posted when there are significant changes.

Your active participation (by making comments and/or joining in chats) implies your agreement to abide by these guidelines:

I expect and will enforce common sense rules of civil behavior.

The following should be your guide to standards and acceptable behavior and decorum.

Personal attacks will get you barred from the site.

There will be no outright profanity. You will not use grawlix or special characters to mask letters to get around that edict. The literary, clever, imaginative, and figurative use of language is acceptable (and appreciated!) but keep in mind the Rules that follow.

The Rules

This site exists in the public domain, intended for use by the general public, but is not a public site (in the sense of .gov sites), i.e., we can mix it up—and I hope I do not come to regret what I am about to say—we don’t have to be politically correct, BUT know that I will not allow discussions to devolve into chaos and dysfunction.

Nothing less than common civil sense and courtesy, so lacking in today’s online discourse, is expected at all times. There may be great subjectivity on my part on what that is, so be to be clear: my site, my rules, my decisions, take it or leave.

At the moment, I am not pre-moderating, but I will upon the first instance that violates my innate sense of what should or should not be included here.